Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Benefits of a Low Carb Diet

Low carbohydrate diet is a divisive topic when it comes to weight loss diet options. Some experts believe that low carb diet increases the chances of heart diseases and incident of high cholesterol.

However, for the past 12 years 20 studies have been conducted to see the effects of low carbs diet on human bodies. And most of these studies showed that low carb diet offers better health benefits compared to other weight loss diets.

Interestingly, low carb diet also decreases the level of cholesterol in the human body. Here are benefits of low carb diet:

Reduces Appetite

The number one struggle when it comes to dieting is hunger. The good news is low carb diet can decrease your appetite helping you lose weight in the long run. Studies showed people who cut back their carbs intake and focus on protein tend to eat fewer calories throughout the day. When you have less appetite for food, you will lose weight easily because you are able to restrict your caloric intake.

Fat Loss

Low carbohydrate diet leads to fat loss particularly in the abdominal area. Fat distribution in the body varies from one area to another. Abdominal area is rich in visceral fat and as well as the organs. However, this fat can lead to inflammation, disturb metabolic functions and increase insulin resistance. Low carbs diet can help reduce these dysfunctions by reducing the amount of visceral fats in the body. The long term benefits of low carbs are decrease risk of developing Diabetes 2 and heart diseases.

Decrease Triglycerides Level

Triglycerides are fat molecules that can lead to heart diseases. An increase in level in carbohydrates consumption also leads to increase level of triglycerides thus exposing the person to cardiovascular problems. Individuals who cut carbs experience dramatic reduction in triglycerides level.

Weight Loss

If you want to lose weight fast, cutting back your carbohydrates can significantly improve your weight loss. Several studies have shown that people who eat fewer carbohydrates lose weight easily. This is because the body will remove excess water and insulin in the body. When this happen, the kidney will release overload of sodium making you lose weight fast.

Improve Insulin Level

When carbohydrates are broken down in the digestive tract, it will increase the level of glucose in the blood. High blood sugar or sugar spike is dangerous and the body will usually send insulin to deliver these molecules into the cells.

However, people who are suffering from insulin resistance will not be able to reduce the sugar spike that will eventually lead to Diabetes 2. This disorder is not uncommon because there are estimated of 300 million people suffering from Diabetes 2.

One of the best interventions for Diabetes 2 sufferer is to cut down their carbohydrates. Dr. Eric Westman found that 93% of the people affected with Diabetes can reduce their insulin shot within 6 months.

Lower Blood Pressure

Hypertension is another health problem that can be overcome through low carb diet. Controlling your blood pressure means you care protecting your body from stroke, kidney, heart disorders.

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